The Research

Nature heals.

The research backs it up.

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But not all nature art is created equal. Research has shown certain types of images have been shown to produce the best results when it comes to things like improving patient outcomes, calming fears and anxieties, increasing staff retention, and increasing patients’ trust in their caregivers.

Explore the blogs to learn more about:
– How nature images can instantly transform indoor spaces.
– Why it’s so important for physical and mental wellness.
– And how to determine which images are the most effective at improving outcomes.


One of the most common questions we get is, “What are vectors?”

To put it simply, vector graphics are nature images with a modern twist.

They are interpretations of our images with a more stylized sensibility, maintaining photo realism but with unlimited scalability. They are a fresh and modern way of bringing unique, large-scale nature images into interior spaces.

Read the blogs below to learn more about what makes vector graphics so popular in modern healthcare environments:


Want to get a behind-the-scenes look at some of our most recent and popular installations? Below you can browse through the stories behind the installations. We’ll give you back-stage access, walk you through the designers’ inspiration, mood boards, and how our artwork was used to meet the diverse needs of various healthcare environments — all while creating beautiful interiors that improve outcomes.

About Our Partners

We print our photos on lots of different substrates. And while our images are the focal point of our healthcare installations, it’s the presentation of those images that really allows them to shine.

We have some wonderful, long-term partners you can learn more about below: