Why Water Images Lead to Positive Patient Outcomes in Healthcare Design

By Kurt Johnson Photography • April 20, 2019

Water.  It makes up approximately 60% of our bodies and covers almost 3 quarters of the earth’s surface.  We can’t live without it.  So it makes sense that according to Kathy Hathorn and Upali Nanda’s A Guide to Evidence-Based Art, calm, slow-moving water imagery made healthcare patients feel more at ease and lowered heart rates.

Couple that with a new study by paper manufacturer G.F. Smith which found dark blue is the color most associated with relaxation, and you’ll probably begin to understand the potential of water imagery to transform healthcare design and positively impact patient outcomes.  Visit our website to view more images from Kurt’s breathtaking waterscape portfolio and maybe lower that blood pressure number while you’re at it.  You’re welcome.



Categories: Color, Healing, Healthcare, Research

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