Craziest. Year. Ever.

By Kurt Johnson Photography • December 22, 2020

As crazy as this year has been, you made it.  Give yourself credit for showing up and getting things done, for finding the energy to stay productive, and for learning new ways to stay connected to those around you. 

When the pandemic first hit and we were seeing the immediate impact on overburdened doctors, nurses, and other healthcare workers, we sent out inspirational cards with nature images that could serve as brief distractions between helping patients, on breaks, or as a way to center themselves before and after shifts.

At that time, we also started posting weekly wellness videos to help not just healthcare workers but anyone needing a brief visual distraction in a world of Zoom meetings, E-learning, and safety measures that kept us from in-person visits with the ones we loved.

We received such great feedback from the videos that we decided to do another one as the holiday approaches.

It’s important to take care of yourself both physically and mentally, so we created this walk through nature in the wintertime, so you can let go of some stress as you head home with (hopefully) a few days off.

Since viewing nature images can have a calming effect on your body and mind, allow yourself this brief visual distraction and feel the stress melt away.  

From all of us at KJP, have a wonderful holiday season!

Kurt, Carolyn, Tori & Casey
The KJP Team 

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