Florida Nature Photography – Healing Views for Healthcare

By Kurt Johnson Photography • January 15, 2024

Florida is the real deal.  A verdant ecosystem with water, trees, unique plantlife, and wildlife and what feels like a neverending journey through lush landscapes that don’t quit.  As a result, Florida nature photography is the perfect way of bringing nature indoors to create healing environments for healthcare.

Florida is a peninsula surrounded by water on three sides: The Atlantic Ocean, The Gulf of Mexico, and the sparkling Straits of Florida.  The warm sunlight illuminates the waterscapes throughout the state, with varying shades of turquoise and blue reflected everywhere you look.

Add in the greenery of palm trees and vibrant flowers and you’ve got a spectacular explosion of colors that are the key to Florida nature photography’s vast appeal – colors associated with relaxation and tranquility, making them perfect for healthcare design.

We drove across the Florida Keys Overseas Highway, also called “the highway that goes to the sea,” feeling the pull of all that Florida’s landscape has to offer.

The highway stretches more than 100 miles from the mainland, connecting the Middle Keys to the Lower Keys.  Definitely not for the faint of heart, but also bucket-list worthy!  You can even view remnants of the historic Old Seven-Mile Bridge in Marathon (it was built in the 1800s as part of Henry Flagler’s Florida Overseas Railroad).

The views from the Gulf Breeze Pier were spectacular.  Waves crashing in from an endless display of dazzling blue quickly made you feel one with nature.  It was an iconic scene you’d hope for when looking through a portfolio of Florida’s nature photography, and it didn’t disappoint.

Scenes of Florida’s nature photography encourage patients and staff to relax,  making the images ideal for seating areas, corridors, and exam rooms.  The soothing beauty of Florida fosters a sense of biodiversity to patients, lowering stress levels and connecting them to the natural world.

Florida nature photography enhances the atmosphere of wellness environments and contributes to positive mental states – something sought after in healthcare design where healing is the focus behind every design decision. 

The images transport patients and staff to serene places, offering a break from the stresses associated with hospital and clinic visits, and reminding them of the world they want to be healthy for and get back to.

We felt extremely relaxed after our visit.  As far as we’re concerned, any place where we can capture nature photographs wearing shorts, t-shirts, and flip-flops is a win.  For us and the entire care team!


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