On the road exploring points of view

By Kurt Johnson Photography • September 17, 2018

I have always said that if you take 10 photographers and put them in a square white room, you would have 10 different angles of that space.

“We always did feel the same, we just saw it from a different point of view”-Bob Dylan

It’s not often that I get together with another photographer and take a ride in the country, just to see what’s out there. I had the good fortune to have one of the best photographers I know ride shotgun with me on a mini road trip a few weeks ago.

Jerred Zegelis is without a doubt one of the most talented shooters around. We have been great friends for over a decade and he constantly amazes me with his beautiful visual art. The man has an infectious happy positive disposition and is full of great vibes.

Off we went, no agenda, no direction, no worries. Once we got outside of the confines of the city it wasn’t long before we had our first of many, many stops. That was were the fun began. Off we went in different directions, acting like two 10 year olds with new toys.

Here is what I saw that day, and Jerred, I’ll roll with you anyday amigo!

(And to check out his photos, go to his blog from the same spots you see here!  Follow this link:  https://www.jerredz.com/blog/out-shooting-with-photographer-kurt-johnson)


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