Beauty in the Details Can Lead to Positive Patient Experiences

By Kurt Johnson Photography • January 26, 2019

leaves leaf pink green close up detail

Beauty is often found in the tiniest details. The way the delicate veins of a leaf stretch in an intricate pattern across a leaf. Every line and curve, connected in some way to the next. It would be easy to walk past these wonderful leaves without seeing all they have to offer, in the same way it’s easy to forget how every space a patient comes in contact with in a healthcare setting matters. Maybe it’s a waiting room, counting the minutes until a diagnosis or walking down a long hallway, not knowing what comes next. And yet something as simple as an image on wall can take someone to a different place, engage a patient just enough that even, if just for a few moments, stress and fear can drift away or allow someone to see that same beauty and peace inside themselves.

In the same way those unique veins connect and branch out in endless ways, the images I create have the ability to connect people, to provide a positive patient outcome and, maybe, even allow viewers to carry that beauty with them into their daily lives. And that is why I’m so dedicated to the work I do. And why I continue to grab my camera and keep looking for beauty in the details.

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