An artistic take on nature imagery.

Our art has a job to do – creating solutions with nature art.

Our Innovations line is made up of nature images with a twist and display options that push the boundaries of biophilic design, creating healing spaces that improve outcomes, solve problems, and inspire the entire care team.


Where nature and fine art merge.

Impressionism images are characterized by soft lighting and gentle brushstrokes, enhancing the beauty of their subjects, and blurring the lines between photography and fine art.

  • Dream-like, creative designs
  • Uplifting distractions for patients and the entire care team
  • Modern visuals for patient rooms


Unlimited potential.

Vector graphics are interpretations of our images with a stylized sensibility. They’re camera-produced pixel images converted to scalable vector graphics – something we picked up near Area 51.

  • Playful sensibility for pediatrics
  • Increased scalability without losing details
  • Fully customizable designs


Because sometimes it's hard to choose just one.

Slices combine several images by color, theme, or design to create one cohesive art piece that’s fully customizable, visually stunning, perfect for any substrate, and packs a serious healing design punch.

  • Positive distractions in waiting areas and corridors
  • Fully customizable designs for wayfinding


Combining the beauty of nature with the creativity of design.

Layers blend multiple images, overlaying them with shapes, lines, light, and textures. Using graphic art elements invites viewers to go deeper into the images, allowing for meaningful engagement that improves outcomes in wellness environments.

  • Uplifting distractions for clinics and cancer treatment centers
  • Modern design for patient rooms


Go big - really big.

Panoramas are created using specialized equipment or via stitching techniques, blending several photographs and creating one larger, seamless image.  This results in a wider field of view than what’s possible with a standard picture.

  • Increases image scalability for larger spaces
  • Breathtaking views

Corner Wraps

Design that won't quit.

Corner wraps transform underutilized wall space, creating seamless navigation and impactful design.  Custom frames connect multiple canvases, giving the appearance of one large piece resulting in intuitive wayfinding that excites patients and staff.

  • Utilizing unexpected real estate
  • Creative wayfinding for maximum impact

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