About Us

We are truly thankful to be part of the healthcare design industry – an industry dedicated to healing patients, caring for seniors in every stage of their journey, and supporting mental wellness.

What we do

We are an artwork consulting firm, well-researched in the field of biophilic design, specializing in creating native, nature-based photography for hospitals and healthcare facilities throughout the country. We understand how to create photography that captures powerful nature imagery and use it to transform spaces into environments that support calm and healing.

Why we do it

Our art has a job to do. We understand that environments affect people, and we are passionate about making positive changes in the lives of patients and the entire care team. In stressful times, it’s even more important to appreciate nature as a healing element that can calm and uplift. And in the end, we can think of no nobler cause than bringing comfort to someone going through a difficult time.

Our Values


Nature heals; the research backs it up. That’s why we spend our time traveling throughout the country, capturing the awe and beauty of nature’s most breathtaking landscapes and plant life. We love creating unique and soothing images to serve as positive distractions for those going through a difficult time.


Creation is a partnership. And even with our background and experience, listening to YOU is a big part of what we do. We’re here to support you, your brand, your facility, your patients, and your staff. We’ll go the extra mile to make sure we help you create an environment your patients and staff won’t be able to stop talking about.


Being connected with nature is an essential part of our DNA as humans. That’s why bringing nature indoors is a vital part of the wellness process and so important to both our mental and physical health.

Meet the Team

Kurt Johnson

Nature and Healing Arts Photographer kurt@kurtjohnsonphotography.com

I’ve been taking pictures practically all my life.  What started with an old Kodak Brownie camera from my dad turned into a professional career in photojournalism.  From there I studied architectural photography and eventually landed on my true passion: photographing healing nature images.

From colorful botanicals to soothing landscapes, I tell the stories of communities through the natural world that surrounds them.  My extensive background in the principles of biophilic design led me to understand nature’s healing power and how it connects us all.  I’ve seen firsthand how soothing nature images transform sterile environments into spaces that heal.

Now I spend my days traveling across the US, capturing nature images for hospitals, healthcare, and wellness environments in my own backyard and beyond.

From small rural hospitals to large-scale healthcare environments like Mayo Clinic, CHI, Allina Health, and Kaiser Permanente, I’ve seen how nature can improve patient outcomes, uplift cancer patients, rejuvenate overworked hospital staff and reduce the need for long hospital stays and medications.

Seeing the power of bringing nature indoors gives me purpose and hope, which is why you’ll rarely find me far from a viewfinder.

Carolyn Johnson

Carolyn Johnson

Principal carolyn@kurtjohnsonphotography.com

Carolyn Johnson left the corporate environment after 25+ years to lead sales and marketing as Principal of Kurt Johnson Photography in December 2015.

She is a passionate fit for the many hats she wears. Part entrepreneur, part nature lover, marketing and selling the photography that her husband Kurt shoots is a natural fit.

“The fact that our nature-based images can have a positive, healthy impact on the lives of people is why I get out of bed every morning. I love what I do!”

Although a true environmentalist, her past experiences in driving sales and market share growth in both the advertising and technology fields prepared Carolyn for the challenge of growing the global footprint of Kurt Johnson Photography.

She oversees operations, sales strategies, and marketing efforts for KJP, a woman-owned small business, and deeply enjoys connecting with clients and industry professionals.

Tori Gerkin

Tori Gerkin

Art Director

Casey Kurz

Casey Kurz

Writer and Social Media Manager

Jerred Zegelis

Jerred Zegelis

Special Projects