Vector Graphics Bring Exciting Possibilities

Traditional photographs are made of pixels, giving them their photorealistic quality yet restricting their ability to be customized and enlarged beyond certain parameters. Vector graphics, on the other hand, never lose their image quality regardless of images size and have a distinctly modern look. They can also be highly customizable.

Vector Conversions

These vector graphics combine the photorealism of Kurt Johnson’s photography with the vibrant contrast and unique look of vector graphics. Kurt’s photos are put through a custom process that creates art that can be simplified with just a few colors for a more abstract look. Graphics that approach near photorealism are also possible.

Painterly Environments

These painterly environments are a new and exciting possibility for your environment. Each of these creations are designed to have a more distinct style that mimics brush strokes. These vectors can extend down hallways and more and are stunning representations of the natural environment.

Custom Designed Graphics

Unique projects demand unique solutions, and Kurt Johnson is pleased to be able to offer these one-of-a-kind vector graphics that are entirely built from scratch. During this process a vector is created by hand, and the team at KJP works with yours to refine the graphic until it exceeds your expectations.

Below are just a few examples of the exciting possibilities within the world of vector graphics and Kurt Johnson Photography. Please inquire about how we can work with you to create art that meets your specific needs.

brown feathers texture pattern vector lines
pink purple flowers field close up macro detail botanical botanicals garden vector