Our Process

Through the years we’ve developed a tried-and-true approach for everything we do.

We work with you to identify every phase of your project, so there are no surprises. Okay...we’ve learned from experience, there are almost ALWAYS surprises. But knowing that helps us prepare for anything. From our caffeine-fueled turnaround times to art placement changes on the fly, we aim to make the experience seamless from start to finish.

We pride ourselves on our relationships with our clients and are here to guide you through every element of creating a functional, beautiful, inspired space for healthcare settings and beyond. Our goal is to create healing environments that meet your needs and budget AND exceed your expectations.

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We begin by discussing your needs and vision. Collectively, we review the designer boards, floor plans, and elevations, then move on to discuss budget, timeline, and installation process. After learning more about your comprehensive needs and project, we’ll showcase imagery options to determine the right style for your environment. At this point, we’ll also guide you through framing and display options.


Plan & Select

This is where the magic starts to happen. We complete a more in-depth review of the floor plans, allowing us to create an art placement master plan and budget. Once budget is approved, using our extensive collection of images, we create a customized set of art selections for you to review or schedule a photo trip for creating native, custom imagery for your project.


Revise & Approve

This is the fun part! We work with you to finalize art placement and select artwork that can improve patient outcomes over the course of final presentations and revisions. You’ll experience the research firsthand as your own stress levels lower as you review Kurt’s powerful nature images. This is where we collectively determine the best solution for your facility.


Produce & Install

With a final plan to work from, you get to sit back as we bring your vision to life. We send sized, color-corrected images to the printer, manage proofing and acceptance of the final work, and schedule and handle the installation to ensure everything is done properly. The result: An inspired environment your patients and staff can’t stop talking about.



For KJP imagery that hangs on interior surfaces such as framed, canvas-wrapped, or other printed solutions, the production timeline begins 20-24 weeks before installation. For KJP imagery that will be digitally printed to a substrate such as vinyl wallcovering, acrylic, and Dibond metal, among others, the production timeline begins at design conception and is determined by the substrate provider.


All images are shot in a 2×3 ratio but can be cropped to fit your needs. Depending on the image, some can span up to 30 feet. Our color slices and vectors allow us to print on an even larger scale. With custom design, the sky is the limit. Please reach out for more information.

Our working relationship

Inspired collaboration is key to what we do. We listen to your needs and vision and use our experience and background in biophilic design to get the best results for your facility. We believe in fostering experiences that benefit patients, families, and the entire care team, and our approach supports meaningful collaboration that brings out the very best ideas.

We take care of everything for you

Whether focused on a refresh, renovation, addition, or ground-up construction, we understand the importance of creating environments that support calm and healing. More than creators, we are also innovators who support our clients with a one-stop-shop approach to the selection, placement, production, and installation of the fine art nature photography we produce. From sweeping floor-to-ceiling imagery to framed art on the wall, KJP can manage the entire process, including the practicality of budgets, floor plans and measuring, location recommendations, substrate selection, and timelines.